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Homeownership, Greatest Predictor of Wealth

By Anjelina Moore | March 28, 2019

  According to the Survey of Consumer Finance, homeownership is the primary driver of wealth in the U.S. A recent Seattle Times article reported that the median net worth for Seattle homeowners is about 25 times higher than those who rent. How Homeownership Creates Wealth A home appreciates. Since 2000, homes in the Seattle area have appreciated at an […]

Washington State first-time home buyer programs

By Anjelina Moore | March 2, 2019

These are first-time home buyer assistance programs tailored just for residents in the Evergreen State. If you live here, it’s a good idea to see if you qualify for them. WSHFC highlights and eligibility requirements HIGHLIGHTS 30-year fixed-rate home loans. Down payment assistance up to 5% of the mortgage amount. Available for single-family houses, condos, […]