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Anjelina helped me sell my first home, and she was fantastic to work with! She patiently walked me through the process from start to finish and answered all of my questions along the way. She was happy to step in when I asked for help, but she also didn't pressure me or try to make any decisions for me. The only potential 4-star rating was for process expertise, and that was only because Anjelina was very straightforward about it being her first solo sale; but that being said, she also had strong resources to check in with, which she did any time she was unsure at all about something. I knew I was in good hands with the whole process, so I left it at 5 starts. Overall, Anjelina was so helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive during a very stressful (for me) process!

Anjelina helped me through purchasing my first home. She was very patient over this process which took 11 months for me and seeing many different homes. As this was my first home purchase, I really appreciated the analytical point of view on homes to tell me the pros and cons of a house. She was incredibly energetic and was constantly searching for houses for me, so we didn’t miss the one. She was always available anytime that I wanted to see a house or was able to have a colleague show me a house if she was away. I really appreciated feeling that I would never be in a situation where I would be unable to see a house. When we came to offer negotiations, she communicated well with the selling agent and in a bidding war of 7 offers, we won which I attribute to Anjelina. Besides being a great realtor, she was always a really nice person and fun to get to know as we toured the different homes over the weekends. Thank you Anjelina!

We loved working with Anjelina! She makes an intimidating process very clear, easy, and enjoyable. She was always very on top of every question we had, if she didn’t know the answer she went and found out immediately. Anjelina goes above and beyond in making sure it is a stress free process for you. There were multiple times when we thought there was something that we needed to take care of and Anjelina had already taken care of it. We highly recommend Anjelina!

Anjelina was super responsive, always a few steps ahead of us, and negotiated a great deal. We didn’t know what we didn’t know and she seemed to read our minds and led us through the whole process flawlessly. Highly recommended.

This was our first time buying a house, and Anjelina made it a smooth and positive experience. She began by asking us about what we were looking for in a home (gas range, grass yard, etc.), and general location parameters. From there, every few days, she would share suggestions with us, but what I appreciated the most was that Anjelina would encourage us to look for houses on our own and share what we found with her. She explained it would help give her a better idea of what would best suit our needs. What was most impressive about Anjelina was her dedication to us, her clients. She worked around our schedules, and further into the process, would even preview houses if we weren't available, and let us know what she observed. If she didn't have an answer to a question, she was immediately on the phone or finding the answer for us. She was unbiased as we walked through houses, which was very impressive and incredibly helpful. If we didn't like a particular house, she would respect that, but also walk us through the positives, which, in the end, helped us learn more about the process and what we were looking for. When it came down to entering offers, Anjelina was honest in supportive about the kinds of emotions that might accompany the process. It was helpful to know these things going into it, so we weren't crushed if our offer was declined. She was also very clear in explaining how everything worked, and was in constant contact with our mortgage broker to help make us feel supported throughout this potentially overwhelming process. Ultimately, Anjelina was the best thing that happened to us in the process of buying a home (though the home is pretty amazing too). We would have been much more lost, and probably frustrated, without her continued guidance, support, and dedication. She is gifted at what she does, and truly has her clients' best interests at heart. Thank you, Anjelina!

Now that I have been in my new home for about 3 weeks, I wanted to pause for a minute and express to you how pleased I am that you were my buyer’s agent. I could not have found such a perfect home without your guidance. You are an amazing resource and I appreciated so much your professionalism, dedication to my needs and willingness to tolerate my shifting “wish list.”

 Having someone they trust in their court as their advocate, search engine, counsellor, advisor and most importantly a caring friend to lean on during the process is essential. You did it all. What I really liked was your process of interviewing me first to understand what I wanted, then along the way adjusting as you observed what I liked in homes. I appreciated that you didn’t just walk me through a bunch of houses hoping something would stick, but rather narrowing the list to those that met or came close to my criteria. Your thoroughness through the close and even afterwards was also appreciated.

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